Night Terror- 0140 22 June 2010

I awoke to find myself paralyzed, i kept my eyes closed and hoped I would have a seizure so that my roommate would awaken me. As the familiar warm rumbling encased my body I felt and heard water hit the top left of my head, I thought of being pissed on. Cursing "Fuck you god!" the rumbling grew, "If you exist then who are you?" I thought, and before me was a complex symbol I could not understand with a blue-black starburst behind it. The symbol had a sword in it. "Who are you!" I thought again, then before me I saw a face hewn from stone with a decepticon symbol on it's forehead. "That is not helpful asshole!" Then I awoke.

However silly that sounds that is what just happened to me. Night terrors have happened before, but I have not had the symptom of feeling another presence ever, let alone one that seemed to react to my attempts at defiance and escape. They are scary, and the mean side of lucid dreams. Imagine waking up in the prison of your own mind.

Up until now, sleep has been my solace, a safe place I can go always. Now it seems even my mind will deny me rest...

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