How much do you hate someone?

Normally when you get someone pregnant it is a wonderful ordeal... weather it is a teenage mistake or not at some point there is happiness. The girl will hold her belly and and think for a moment "I am making a *new life" and smile, amazed at either her prowess or the divine miracle of conception.

From what I understand (I am not all knowing) the woman usually tries to get the father somehow involved in the ordeal. In recent years it is usually in the form of unpaid child support...

I'm not really going the blabber on about babies and pregnancy, but I will introduce a concept- The "vengeance baby."

I- hate someone... a lot. I can be civil to them, and polite, because I think it is the right thing to do in being polite. Mind you, I can be a polite asshole... but this lady that I hate... is also pretty attractive. So, the best way I can think of to just mess with them, is to take it to the ultimate level- The Vengeance Baby.

Operation Vengeance Baby has a simple goal, but to pull it off it would go through many steps...

1- Get her all hot for some guy. Simple enough, but finding an accomplice could be difficult...
2- Get her to agree to sex in a super dark room, bait and switch.
3- Get her pregnant.
4- Make her keep the baby.
5- Make her lose the paternity suit against the accomplice, it won't have his DNA so it's cool...
-Bonus points if it is a long and annoying trial.
6- Wait. Years from now, looking at her child she will see your face, and DESPAIR having raised the child of her mortal foe!
7- ???
9- Profit!

How much do you hate someone?


Just like the dancers.

There are a million things that I would change in the military, and most people with a higher rank would just yell at me saying that I do not understand how things work, as the elders do... but these are the same people who hate being questioned and cannot back up their decisions with logical reason... and because of their position... they do not need to.

It does cause problems sometimes, I for one crave a further understanding of the world and how it works at all times; my journey of discovery will only end in death.

Take for instance a simple order, "do not sling your weapon on your back with the barrel pointing up." Now when I was given the order I did so, as is my duty, but then I asked the young Sergeant "Why?" The single question that every parent hates, but I assure you my methods are sound... you see I already knew why we sling our weapons pointing down, (though I was unaware we were to do so at our location also), we do so because in Afghanistan we want the people to like us, and launching a round that could possibly go a mile and wound someone would be bad PR. Knowing that tidbit of information can reveal more information about why my commander makes the decisions in the way that they are made. From this one order we can assume that public relations are more important than soldier lives (a bullet ricocheting off the ground is more likely to kill than one shot into the air) so it drives home how important relations with the locals are. Is knowing this information important and life changing? No, but knowing the reasoning behind my leaders decision making process allows me to peek inside their mind, helping me grow as a leader, and with that better understanding I can better predict how my leaders would want me to act in any given situation. Is it life changing? No, but does it make me a better soldier? Yes.

DISCLAMER: For the love of whatever you hold dear, do not ask "why?" in a firefight... that is just retarded.

But this brings me to something that I do not understand. For those of you who do not know, the army is more than your employer... they are your landlord, doctor, and cultural authority. Today we will talk specifically the landlord responsibility.

Why does the organizational level of my room matter? I understand inspecting the rooms of the troops, but for things that are, oh, I don't know important? like the black mold, or the rust colored and bleach flavored water, the ceiling peeling off, and electricity not working. You know, concerns that are relevant that should be addressed. But why... why does the orange peel in the trash and clutter on my desk matter? It's my DESK, it has stuff on it, that is it's job. Why does my bed need to be made? Why do I need to organize my magazines? Why do I need to do my laundry that is just one days worth of clothing... Stupid concerns that honestly have no bearing on what is important: Work Performance, health, and happiness.

Now, I am sure a veteran Sergeant Major will chime in telling me to shut up and do what my leaders say, and some other NCOs as well. They will seek to explain this as maintaining discipline amongst the troops... to which I have several things to say:

1- So the discipline of married soldiers is irrelevant? I have never once heard of a married person getting their house inspected. Married individuals even have the option of living off base, and once there the military has NO ability to require an inspection. Meanwhile the single soldiers are forced to live in a shithole with their bosses noses all in their business. This argument, is flawed.

2- What the hell is discipline and why is it so important? Honestly! You would think it is some form of gold in how much it is sought after, but what is it really? Is it the ability to do what you are told? No, that is obedience. Is it the ability to perform a set of actions without being told over and over? No, that is memory. Well what is it? From where I am sitting discipline is the ability to dominate your lower brain with your higher brain. "WTF Kale, what does that EVEN MEAN?!" Well Ill tell you, let a mosquito bite you, and do not scratch it... Take a medical Pulse Ox (shows how much O2 is in your blood) put it on your finger, and hold your breath until it get's to 75%... Be in a firefight, and don't run.
In all of those situations your primitive power brain, your "instincts" are telling you one thing "scratch," "breathe," "stay alive," but you overpower the urge and fight through it. That is discipline, taking control of your own damn body. Overpowering the urge to flee from a firefight, that takes a lot of discipline... that is why it is important to the army.

But how do you build discipline? The military tries many ways, Drill and ceremony are one, and it was rather effective, making your bed and bothering you if you are unlucky enough to live in the dreaded post housing are another, and honestly it could be replaced with better methods. Who is the most disciplined group of people on the planet? Surely they would know how to do such things! But that would be the military right? They are super disciplined! I am inclined to disagree, the military in general are about as disciplined as a dance troupe. They train in routines, and repeat, one just does more improvisation, and has lives on the line... and has gotten shot at before so they are somewhat used to that thing... But no, as far as I know the most disciplined group of people in the world are Tibetan monks. When you dominate your lower brain so much that you can beat your own heart and increase your metabolism so much your skin makes steam rise from wet sheets... just wow. Maybe they would teach the militaries of the world a thing or two? Probably not.

I do not think that the military would really want that level of discipline... I think a level that lets you stay calm in a firefight, and when wounded would be enough. Everything after that is training in repetition and choreography...

Just like the dancers.


Harry Potter lays it on the line

The group all muttered their agreement. "Are you sure we need to learn this?" Neville asked with a frown.

"Are you sure we don't?" Harry retorted. "Just because you know a spell doesn't mean you're going to use it. Something you all may have missed is that everyone in the magical world is armed with a deadly weapon most of the time. In general, these people don't go on rampages."

"What do you mean armed with a deadly weapon?" Ron asked with a frown.

"Our wands," Hermione replied for Harry. "Harry is saying that we're all dangerous without learning anything else."

"Something most people gloss over is the fact that the wizarding world is an armed society," Harry agreed. "Yesterday hundreds of people in the wizarding world went through their day without killing anyone. I'd say that most of these people knew spells that could cause harm or death and none of them used them."

"What about the death eaters?" Luna asked, "I'm sorry Harry but it needed to be explained and I didn't think anyone else would ask."

"That's fine Luna," Harry said warmly. "If you took away their wands then they'd use knives, take away the knives they'd use sticks, take away the sticks they'd use rocks, take away the rocks they'd use their teeth, break out their teeth then they'd use their arms and legs . . ."

"We get the point," Hermione interrupted. "Spells don't kill people, people kill people."

This is how I feel, people are the problem, as you know.... but guns are my hobby, an important hobby to me. And for your understanding Harry Potter lays it on the line.


Money-Time rating system

Ok, if you are going to read this blog I'll be rating things a lot, and instead of using a % scale, or 1-5 I use the most important rating of all: Money.

Awhile back I was talking to my friend about a game and he asked "How much is it worth?"
Then it hit me...
People want to know how much money things are worth... of course, but think about it. You see a nice blanket or something in the store and it is overpriced, but once a sale comes... BAM! Nice comforter!
But then another problem...
You see... my friend and I make drastically different amounts of money, but time=money, therefore money=time and instead of using some arbitrary number system the numbers here represent hours of work.

For example, If I say that a game is worth 8 hours of work, that would mean that if in that amount of time you make enough money to pay for the thing when you find it, it is totally worth it. Say I make $20 an hour, and this game is worth maybe 4 hours, to me that would mean I would at most pay $80 for the game, but to say... A college student who makes maybe $5 an hour (effectively) would pay up to $20 for the game.

Any Questions?

Nothing Special

Saw the movie "The Other Guys" again today. It was playing on post and you really can't beat the $3.50 ticket price. Just like the first time I saw it... it was amazing. The comedy was ridiculous, the cinematography was fine by me, some good action scenes, and of course Eva Mendez... How can you go wrong with that woman? She is gorgeous!

If you have not seen it already I recommend it completely! Even if ticket prices were up near $12, I would see it twice.

Some other movies I have seen and their perspective ratings on the money-time system are:

"Scott Pilgrim vs The World" = About 6h a ticket, yeah, that is right... 6 hours.
"Expendables" = Around 2h, it is a pure action movie, nothing more :)
"Predators" = 3h, it was action with more cerebellum-ness. Kinda caught me off guard because of the way I judge things as a gamer... so it was pleasant for me.

In other news nothing has really been going on, I have some other blog post ideas I need to polish and rewrite a few times... but other than that nothing special...


We are the problem?

I was reading an article on the ultra top secret Texas ranger recon team that they have patrolling their border now... And I got to this point:


Pressed for an example of a Ranger Recon success, McCraw grabbed the most recent mission report and read that in one day, a team arrested 22 people and seized 1,739 pounds of marijuana. He offered no other details.


What, Marijuana? Cannabis!? The most docile drug apart from horse tranquilizers! THAT is what is causing so much violence? This violence is seriously being caused by the easiest plant to grow in the world? Not heroin, not cocaine, not some new exotic cat urine extract...


I am not into drugs of any type, I want to make that clear. But if people are risking their lives to deliver this to the United States market... has not the market spoken? That "free market" that everyone loves so dearly?

If we just made marihuana [sic] legal the supply would boom (cannabis is one of the fastest growing biomasses on the planet), price would drop, and the Mexican drug lords would wither and die very quickly.

I am sure it is more complicated than that, but from where I see it, we are the problem.

Texas Recon Rangers


Night Terror- 0140 22 June 2010

I awoke to find myself paralyzed, i kept my eyes closed and hoped I would have a seizure so that my roommate would awaken me. As the familiar warm rumbling encased my body I felt and heard water hit the top left of my head, I thought of being pissed on. Cursing "Fuck you god!" the rumbling grew, "If you exist then who are you?" I thought, and before me was a complex symbol I could not understand with a blue-black starburst behind it. The symbol had a sword in it. "Who are you!" I thought again, then before me I saw a face hewn from stone with a decepticon symbol on it's forehead. "That is not helpful asshole!" Then I awoke.

However silly that sounds that is what just happened to me. Night terrors have happened before, but I have not had the symptom of feeling another presence ever, let alone one that seemed to react to my attempts at defiance and escape. They are scary, and the mean side of lucid dreams. Imagine waking up in the prison of your own mind.

Up until now, sleep has been my solace, a safe place I can go always. Now it seems even my mind will deny me rest...