Harry Potter lays it on the line

The group all muttered their agreement. "Are you sure we need to learn this?" Neville asked with a frown.

"Are you sure we don't?" Harry retorted. "Just because you know a spell doesn't mean you're going to use it. Something you all may have missed is that everyone in the magical world is armed with a deadly weapon most of the time. In general, these people don't go on rampages."

"What do you mean armed with a deadly weapon?" Ron asked with a frown.

"Our wands," Hermione replied for Harry. "Harry is saying that we're all dangerous without learning anything else."

"Something most people gloss over is the fact that the wizarding world is an armed society," Harry agreed. "Yesterday hundreds of people in the wizarding world went through their day without killing anyone. I'd say that most of these people knew spells that could cause harm or death and none of them used them."

"What about the death eaters?" Luna asked, "I'm sorry Harry but it needed to be explained and I didn't think anyone else would ask."

"That's fine Luna," Harry said warmly. "If you took away their wands then they'd use knives, take away the knives they'd use sticks, take away the sticks they'd use rocks, take away the rocks they'd use their teeth, break out their teeth then they'd use their arms and legs . . ."

"We get the point," Hermione interrupted. "Spells don't kill people, people kill people."

This is how I feel, people are the problem, as you know.... but guns are my hobby, an important hobby to me. And for your understanding Harry Potter lays it on the line.


Money-Time rating system

Ok, if you are going to read this blog I'll be rating things a lot, and instead of using a % scale, or 1-5 I use the most important rating of all: Money.

Awhile back I was talking to my friend about a game and he asked "How much is it worth?"
Then it hit me...
People want to know how much money things are worth... of course, but think about it. You see a nice blanket or something in the store and it is overpriced, but once a sale comes... BAM! Nice comforter!
But then another problem...
You see... my friend and I make drastically different amounts of money, but time=money, therefore money=time and instead of using some arbitrary number system the numbers here represent hours of work.

For example, If I say that a game is worth 8 hours of work, that would mean that if in that amount of time you make enough money to pay for the thing when you find it, it is totally worth it. Say I make $20 an hour, and this game is worth maybe 4 hours, to me that would mean I would at most pay $80 for the game, but to say... A college student who makes maybe $5 an hour (effectively) would pay up to $20 for the game.

Any Questions?

Nothing Special

Saw the movie "The Other Guys" again today. It was playing on post and you really can't beat the $3.50 ticket price. Just like the first time I saw it... it was amazing. The comedy was ridiculous, the cinematography was fine by me, some good action scenes, and of course Eva Mendez... How can you go wrong with that woman? She is gorgeous!

If you have not seen it already I recommend it completely! Even if ticket prices were up near $12, I would see it twice.

Some other movies I have seen and their perspective ratings on the money-time system are:

"Scott Pilgrim vs The World" = About 6h a ticket, yeah, that is right... 6 hours.
"Expendables" = Around 2h, it is a pure action movie, nothing more :)
"Predators" = 3h, it was action with more cerebellum-ness. Kinda caught me off guard because of the way I judge things as a gamer... so it was pleasant for me.

In other news nothing has really been going on, I have some other blog post ideas I need to polish and rewrite a few times... but other than that nothing special...