We are the problem?

I was reading an article on the ultra top secret Texas ranger recon team that they have patrolling their border now... And I got to this point:


Pressed for an example of a Ranger Recon success, McCraw grabbed the most recent mission report and read that in one day, a team arrested 22 people and seized 1,739 pounds of marijuana. He offered no other details.


What, Marijuana? Cannabis!? The most docile drug apart from horse tranquilizers! THAT is what is causing so much violence? This violence is seriously being caused by the easiest plant to grow in the world? Not heroin, not cocaine, not some new exotic cat urine extract...


I am not into drugs of any type, I want to make that clear. But if people are risking their lives to deliver this to the United States market... has not the market spoken? That "free market" that everyone loves so dearly?

If we just made marihuana [sic] legal the supply would boom (cannabis is one of the fastest growing biomasses on the planet), price would drop, and the Mexican drug lords would wither and die very quickly.

I am sure it is more complicated than that, but from where I see it, we are the problem.

Texas Recon Rangers

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