Nothing Special

Saw the movie "The Other Guys" again today. It was playing on post and you really can't beat the $3.50 ticket price. Just like the first time I saw it... it was amazing. The comedy was ridiculous, the cinematography was fine by me, some good action scenes, and of course Eva Mendez... How can you go wrong with that woman? She is gorgeous!

If you have not seen it already I recommend it completely! Even if ticket prices were up near $12, I would see it twice.

Some other movies I have seen and their perspective ratings on the money-time system are:

"Scott Pilgrim vs The World" = About 6h a ticket, yeah, that is right... 6 hours.
"Expendables" = Around 2h, it is a pure action movie, nothing more :)
"Predators" = 3h, it was action with more cerebellum-ness. Kinda caught me off guard because of the way I judge things as a gamer... so it was pleasant for me.

In other news nothing has really been going on, I have some other blog post ideas I need to polish and rewrite a few times... but other than that nothing special...

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