Money-Time rating system

Ok, if you are going to read this blog I'll be rating things a lot, and instead of using a % scale, or 1-5 I use the most important rating of all: Money.

Awhile back I was talking to my friend about a game and he asked "How much is it worth?"
Then it hit me...
People want to know how much money things are worth... of course, but think about it. You see a nice blanket or something in the store and it is overpriced, but once a sale comes... BAM! Nice comforter!
But then another problem...
You see... my friend and I make drastically different amounts of money, but time=money, therefore money=time and instead of using some arbitrary number system the numbers here represent hours of work.

For example, If I say that a game is worth 8 hours of work, that would mean that if in that amount of time you make enough money to pay for the thing when you find it, it is totally worth it. Say I make $20 an hour, and this game is worth maybe 4 hours, to me that would mean I would at most pay $80 for the game, but to say... A college student who makes maybe $5 an hour (effectively) would pay up to $20 for the game.

Any Questions?

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