In this country we extort the poor, not just for war... for everything.

Todays entry will be in response to this photograph:

The photo, from this article, states "The military preys on low income communities."

And you know what- YES! YES IT DOES! Any organization that consistently offers jobs and 100% on the job training does. And who is looking for jobs that do not
  • Require College education
  • Require High school education
  • Require A clean criminal background
  • Require high intelligence
  • Have any sort of race or gender bias for recruitment. (though they may for jobs)
And offers amazing perks like:
  • Free college
  • Free training
  • Free healthcare (WITH DENTAL! - and one free elective cosmetic surgery!)
  • Retirement after 20 years
  • Job related disability
  • Membership in nations largest gang

"Hey, would you like amazing job security and free college for later in life? You know, a chance to save yourself from the shitter of a life you have?"
"But I'm a high school drop out meth addict with no marketable skills :("
"Get clean, and you could go to nursing school!"
-True story

But ok, I understand, "preying" on the lower class is UNACCEPTABLE, and I agree that we should implement the only possible effective solution:

The draft.

"But Kale! the draft... I mean, forcing all men 18-25 into mandatory service... that is just wrong!!!!"

Oh, I am so sorry! What was I thinking? Of course! Expand the draft to include women... and just to be safe throw in the word "hermaphrodite" - don't want any stragglers left out do we?

"Buh-t, uh... mandatory service is institutionalized slavery!"


Now - shut up, because in this country we extort the poor, not just for war... for everything.

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