You are a terrorist.

Most of my blogs are horrible and hateful rants against the man... where I take a situation wherein I have been spited by someone or something outside of my control, and I construct a piss poor excuse for a logical defense and explanation where I am usually... well lets face it I'm awesome, so how about a happy blog post for once?

ME SO HAPPY!!! I heard today that the U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. (yes, it is an acronym) act got denied its extension... and well... I may hate democracy with a thermite fire, but they done good this time.

You see, I like clear and defined rules... rules that are unbending and unyielding. When I say "Do not build on this 1x1 square foot of land" I mean do not fucking build on that damn plot of land. In no case did I say you could not build over it, stand on it, build next to it, etc. I hate ambiguity (though I use it to my advantage like a Swedish whore), and when your laws have a multi million dollar budget financing the people that just interpret the damn things... well I hate you. Anyway, that was a tangent, another thing I use like a whore. But yes, clear rules. And the U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act was a horrible, horrible misuse of power and I honestly do not see any practical purpose that it served. I (the un'merican bastard that I am) see it as a bad encroachment on privacy. Not that I am all about privacy, and it may not be a right in the constitution (the inanimate paper that several Americans treat like an infaliable god) but as far as I know, our houses were ours... well... because you said so Mr. Sam!

Why was the act needed? From common knowledge (what a reliable source, I know) and passed around knowledge, it allowed warrantless searches, wiretapping, and seizures, on suspected terrorists.

If they are suspected terrorists, I assume you have evidence, you know, that shit you use to get a warrant...

Fucking dumbasses.

But man, I disapprove of the contemporary definition of terrorist as a whole. I remember sitting in class in the 8th grade... now I never really raised my hand in class, because I never really knew a damn thing, but that one day the teacher asked a question "Does anyone know the definition of 'terrorist?'"


"Terrorist: One who uses fear or violence as a coercive tool to effect a political landscape."

Next time you hear an election ad, and it invokes fear - Terrorist.

Next time you see someone post a Hitler stash on a president - Terrorist

Next time you tell someone that the other candidate will destroy America...

You are a terrorist.

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