It is MY cliff

What the hell is this web log even about? Why did I use the root instead of saying "blog?" Not all of these questions will be answered, but tonight I am going to metablog... I think.

In reality I would like to chat about what this blog is about. I am pretty sure blogs started as some sort of sick and perveted vanity journal. People scribbled in their journals by candlelight ages ago, longing for the world to read their thoughts. "If only more people knew what I think, then they would understand." Previously I would have said that nobody cares about what you think, but here we are, in a day and age where people make a damn living commenting on the world around them. Not like that is new in any sense, critics have been doing that for years. In todays world though, we no longer have a need of newspapers, review shows. Reviews are posted online, in text and video format. I honestly wonder what that volume of data generated every day is. I also wonder how much of that is total crap.

What sets MY blog apart? What makes my little cliff different as a dangle my feet over the edge and ponder the world?

In a nutshell? Nothing. I am just another guy. Words describe me, and the same words describe a bunch of other people. I am sure I am different, but the niceties of my personality become apparent in the nuances of my enunciation.

Should I give this blog a topic? A general theme? Yeah, ME. This is MY blog, these are MY words, this is MY cliff, This is my little area where I get to be myself and talk about the crap that I care about. So what do I care about? Oh, a lot of things. Let me make you a convenient list.

  • Guns - I am a soldier, I like em, deal.
  • Politics - I like to be involved and educated on the wiles of the nobles.
  • Parenting - I want to be a father one day, A GOOD ONE, so I think about it a lot.
  • Religion - Or the lack there of. I am an atheist personally, I try not to be a dick about it.
  • Video games - Love em, maybe ill review one someday. I guess this includes all entertainment, like video and text/narrative.
Yeah, those are some of the things I like, U guess ill be talking about that kind of stuff. I reserve the right to change crap and talk about whatever, it is MY cliff...

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