What a debacle

Late again, sigh. the trip home was... eventful to say the least. Just a few hours into our journey we t-boned a car on the highway. With the amazing combination of fog and ice I am honestly suprised that nobody was seriously hurt. Myself and my two friends in the car emerged unscathed, thigh my laptop did not fare so well... The worst injuries were in the other car. One guy about 20 was walking around saying he had a concussion, but the fact that he was walking around saying he had a concussion, with no swelling on his head, was a clear indicator that he was just a little bitch. His baby on the other hand... had a MASSIVE bump on his forehead. But it was not red swollen, and honestly the kid was the calmest of everyone there. It got better from there. They were traveling in a convoy and piled in their other car and were on their way. We, on the other hand. Stood outside for about 4 hours trying to fix the car, but to no avail. It was a pretty low speed collision, and their car ran still... we had hope. Eventually we got towed and dropped off at a diner. After a bit a friend's dad came and drove us to the Seattle area, and from there I got a ride with a friend down to Vancouver. What a debacle.

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