Something I believe they call honor

Resolutions, goals, the things we strive for.

In my previous post I wrote about getting into a mindset, or habit of finishing what you start. Now I have had a million new years resolutions, and this was going to be one, but I thought to myself "No, this shit is always going to be something I do. I'm always going to go to the gym, just, you know... later." It became readily apparent that I was acting out (quite well in fact) the evils I had previously discussed. And you know what, I am going to do something about it, not later, not soon, not right after this thing I should totally go do, right fucking now.

I have seen several youtube serials, and read a few blogs. None of them are really that amazing, but they are successful. I was thinking to myself, "what makes them successful?" After some thought, and correcting for video channels that exist solely because their patron is an attractive female or some other outlier like that, I realized all these decently successful channels have a few things (mostly) in common.
1- Production value.
Not so much as a team of editors, rather they take a minute to set up lights so the camera can see them, and maybe jot down a few notes to guide their rant. Some of the best even proofread their blogs, for spelling errors, and sometimes even fact checking! Crazy I know, but the attention to detail, editing out of dead space, or splicing in a relevant photo as opposed to staring at a face or hands makes the video take less time and deliver more information, which I guess is what people are going for these days.
2- Consistency.
Seemingly more important than a little work into your product is delivering SOMETHING on time, and on a schedule. Not all the blogs or channels are great, but they are good, and they are there on time. No matter what crap goes on in my life I can count on Penny-Arcade and Xkcd to have something new on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And places that don't have an official schedule usually are updating even more frequently. Either way, the point is they are constantly putting out new things for their followers to enjoy, consistently.

That said, I don't need to go into any more kind of detail, but it shall be known, that I will do my best to have Kale's Cliff update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have never been too good with schedules, I wish myself luck. Though I suppose doing what I say I am going to do should be an integral part of my being, something I believe they call honor.

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