Why just spoken languages anyway?

I try to make it a habbit to peruse the TED talks, new ideas being shared, makes me happy. I happened across this one by the guy who helped make the captcha, now he is focusing his efforts on a new endeavor, and I find it quite noble.

Being bilingual is a personal goal of mine, and his "duolingo" idea is quite novel. It accomplishes something good, and helps people learn another language. I really hope they have this in Russian :)

Talking about the education system again, in the US we start teaching languages far too late. We should introduce kids to a wide variety of different languages before they are 10. I would be happy if I could have a conversation like this with my 7 year old:

"What classes do you have now?" I said to my child.
"French, multiplication, and python."

Why just spoken languages anyway?

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  1. French? Really? There is actually a book that we had to write about in second language learning. There is a theory called critical period hypothesis. Keep in mind, and there are always odd people like me that do not apply to this feature.
    Google translate is wrong 9/10 times, Babylon language is somewhat decent.
    Multilingual are persons are what you usually end up with: several of my friends like me that know 5 plus.
    Russian is actually one of the other major Internet languages.