Self-educating children.

Shut up! I have not slept yet, so it's still Friday to me! >.<

But in all honesty I did make a commitment to update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... and I fucked it up on day two. I could spin some excuse based on the various things that happened today, but honestly I played "Call of Duty: Black Ops" for about 45 minutes, so I have no valid excuse.

I did have a great time with all that other stuff that occupied my time though... ^.^

Anyways, something entertaining... I don't have any followers right now, so honestly I am only entertaining myself, and if someone finds what I do here entertaining I guess they are cool enough to stay. So...

Ill just talk about the education system.

It's fucked.

There are many different styles of learning, and many different styles of teaching, why cant we try and sync that up? And I am talking about just the U.S. here, I don't have any experience with other schools.

I know one of the big issues is pay, but in all honesty, I don't see how that is a problem. If you cannot make ends meet on $54k a year you are doing something wrong. Not to mention that sweet summer vacation you get...

One of the largest problems I can think of with the educational system is not even a part of the educational system, it's the parents. I may be critical of their pay, but I will in NO WAY deny the stress of dealing with kids all day. Sure it can be rewarding, but I am sure it can be equally punishing. But the parents seem to offload their responsibilities as parents onto the school district, and blame the school district for problems in their children. How many parents have taught their kids how to learn? Did your parents make you a deck of flash cards for your addition tables? If the parents don't take responsibility for teaching their own children how to learn, or how to study, what the hell good is a classroom environment going to do?

When I have children (which seems to be a trend of this blog) I will sit down with them after school and transcribe their notes into flash cards. At first it may be a pain, I remember being asked "what did you learn today?" by my mother, and replying "I don't know," but being able to recite a general lesson, or point out the parts of the textbook we read would have aided in my long term retention ability. Anyway- After school every day, flash cards. Every weekend, we go over the weeks flash cards, every month, ill have a game... Ill take the whole, sizable deck, and go through the whole thing. For every one correct they will get +1 reward (I have no idea what would be of value at the time), and for every wrong one, -2. I don't intend for the cards to be incredibly difficult, but they would be available. Hopefully this will have the effect of causing my kids to study by themselves, so they can earn more on their monthly exam. Of course this would guide them in a direction of only doing things for reward, not for personal gain, but if my childhood is anything like theirs, ill just need to turn on the history channel, and when they ask me a question, ill show them Wikipedia... once they learn how to check sources.

It is all part of my master plan you see,
Self-educating children.

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