The Criminal Commits the Crime.

To continue the rant I had on Monday, I would like to talk about "victim blaming" and what I believe to be true on the matter.

For those who do not know, victim blaming is when a victim of a crime is blamed for bringing the crime upon themselves. Often this manifests as a rape victim being blamed because of the way she dresses, or going out to clubs and rubbing against people.

In my, personal policy, I usually wait until my partner says "rip off my clothes and make the sex to me please" before I rip off their clothes and make the sex to them. It is... amazingly nonromantic, but I would rather let the mood die a little than push someone beyond what they want to do. I do have a creepy demeanor, and err heavily on the side of caution, for I have been blamed for stalking people home from school who actually just live near me.

Anyway, back to victim blaming. Does a rape victim increase their chances of getting raped by going out dressed like a total slut? Probably not, rapists often rape because they want to control women, and if a woman just looks like she is going to give it up then there is nothing to control. As a matter of fact I think if you dress conservatively a control-rapists is more likely to select you. In the case of one who might roofie a drink, yes, dressing in skirts and not wearing underwear might increase the chances of you being selected, if only because in that specific instance the criminals are most likely selecting on sexual appeal, and ease with which they can bypass clothing. And third, going out may also increase your chances of getting raped, if only compared to staying in and never meeting anyone. Most important thing, travel in groups.

The final part of this comes down to who is at fault. And let me make my point clear, If the most beautiful girl in the world walks from club to club totally nude and at each club dances and rubs up against everyone while dancing, does that mean she was asking for it? Does that pardon the rapist? No, never in any instance is a lack of consent justified. Never in any instance is the victim to blame, the criminal commits the crime.

If I put a bag of one million dollars out on my lawn and it gets stolen, was I asking for it? No, not at all. Was I maybe not the smartest with my money? Yes. Just remember, the criminal commits the crime.

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