Pretend you want it and bite it off

Sexism in the workplace can be a dangerous.

I have strange views on sexism in the workplace. This is probably due to the many strong women in my life. As far back as I can remember my mother was single (though this was not true as the divorce was after my birth), and an older sister. Both were strong people, and I never thought of them as their gender. They were always just strong people. It never occurred to me that they would not have a problem doing anything that I could do. Of course girls can vote? Why wouldn't they? Of course you should be nice to them, they punch hard!

This brings me to wimminz in the workplace. I have seen these alleged "females" and worked with them, I can attest to the fact that they are real. I don't understand why it's a problem, or why so many people are against it. I understand the comradarie of a well knit unit, and how it can be difficult to let new people into your group. I am sure the problem is really in the lack of understanding, and subsequent justification. The group does not want to open up to new people, and they search for any difference to justify their claim. And as a slightly sexually dimorphic species, ones gender is quite easy to point out.

I believe (as in, have no citeable sources), that men are afraid of women breaking up their group. I have seen some movies, and heard stories, enough to assume it is a widespread cliché. The story goes that a tight group of friends, usually small, a new female comes into the circle and the single men fight over her and it slowly tears the group apart. Sometimes they fight with fists, sometimes the alpha male gets the girl and the others allow it (resentfully), and other times they are at each others throats like starving lions over lady gaga in her meat suit.

I could stand a slice.

Now, as for this in the workplace, I am sure people are worried about a female, as an object of sexual desire, setting coworkers against each other for her affections. I believe this is why the US military was so against gays openly serving, they did not want people fighting over each others affections. Mind you that was quite irrelevant because of the various fraternization policies in place, and how often they are ignored because men and women, deep down, they want each other. Overcoming authority for love and lust has been highly romanticized of course, so it's no surprise. But we are supposed to be professional anyway, so that should be no problem right?

So now lets talk about sexual harrasment, if only because I have been hearing a lot about it. I don't know why we have specific laws about this, I think we should just have more effective laws to prevent harassment in general, the same for assualt. Mind you if I was assulted I have been advised by my mother to "pretend you want it and bite it off."

(I will elaborate on this subject on Friday).

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