Nothing New Really

My roommate reads a lot of fanfiction. Often he comes to me complaining about how nobody in the fanfiction world knows how to write, and spell. His latest gripe turned amusement is the misspelling of "loose cannon."

I'm taking credit for this now.
I understand his complaint. Often the misspellings we see are trivial, and often humorous, but when you are trying to be engaged into a story and the wrong "two" is used one too many times it can get on their nerves. They're to blame for this, the fanfiction writers and their writings, on that site, there.

Understand the above paragraph, and you can be a paragon of grammar to these people.

Anyways, his gripes aside I have my own semantic arguments, and not just against the anitvirus software. My problem arises in my favorite sub(ish) culture, guns.

Guns and the words used to describe them are a wide and varied, but a recent product being released is just... labeled wrong. >.<

While I do like the look of this new item, CLEARLY it is a... well nothing really. The non NFA item one (the one without a stock) is the equivalent of a power strip. Plug one in and get more outlets, except in this instance you get piccaninny rails. It effectively makes your pistol heavier, and lets you attach non pistol stuff to it... but other than that... nothing.
The stocked version however, it just a short barreled rifle, law covers that already. It reminds me of the old luger pistols that had detachable stocks. Nothing new really.

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