That will never happen anyway

Well, a first week of classes went pretty well. I only missed one class, and that was because I tried to do math too early in the morning and missed my bus, but other than that I think I am doing pretty good.

I outlined some of the things I wanted to try in last Mondays blog, and I guess I should report to how well they have been working.

The “no laptop in bed” thing has worked amazingly. After just a few days I shaved hours off of my “toss about bed” time. I have been waking up early (on time) more frequently, and in general I have been more refreshed by the sleep... then again there is more sleep being had, so I guess that makes sense. When I have kids, I am definitely NOT letting them use a laptop in bed. Maybe just as a video screen to watch things as you drift into sleep, but not for high level mental interaction in bed, shit is dangerous.

As for the other points... they were more difficult. I definitely did better than I have in the past homework wise, but not the hour-per-hour method that I had going in my head. Probably because I did not have a lot of the books I needed, and there was just not a lot of homework... But other than that I have a good feeling about this too.

Overall I am really excited, now all I need to do is actually study Russian so the girl who sits next to me does not look so distraught with my existence. But hey, that will never happen anyway.

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