Thanks... Lucasarts?

This movie does not really look to be anything special. I am sure it will be a triumphant tale of military comradarie and combat expertise overcoming adversity, to kill Nazis, all presented in a historically "accurate" manner.

Though I expect it to be a predictable piece (the guys friend is going to die, and at some point they will hit the wrong target or fly over a concentration camp/generic travesty and be abhorred by the abhorrence of war), but what I AM excited about is the positive (hopefully) light in which black people will (hypothetically) be portrayed in. Set in the 1940s this setting will predate many of the negative stereotypes associated with black people, and (possibly) portray it's characters with a professional military demeanor. It won't be a movie about "niggas smokin nazis while smokin on the fly while high." no shitty blackxploitation movie here.

It will be a WW2 movie, about pilots, hardship, and being a badass. And not letting racism break their stride, or their spirit. Showing some good role models not just for black children, but all children.

Thanks... Lucasarts?

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